Tuesday, December 14, 2010

X'mas tree oh X'mas tree

Pinky Xmas, its the theme of my xmas tree this year,why?
welcoming my 1st Christmas with my niece who only 8 months, so pink its the right theme for her. Me n mom of course are so excited to find the ornaments, as its pink,its kinda difficult to find, or its more expensive. But at the end, here are my xmas tree, look perfect like what I imagine. Have a wonderful Christmas peeps. Ring-a-Ring

Bloddy Sunday with my Lil' Sister

Well....just posting another bloody sunday that i have, this time with my lil sister. Pizza e Birra @ Setiabudi Building, i love it more than theone in EX, particularly i think coz it's bigger space, no queue and just a perfect few to look at too. The food was nice, the chat and of course the decoration also quite hip. A very good evening with my lil sister.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

S.E.O.U.L 2011 trip

South Korea, 1 of the must-go-list on my travelling map.
So it was on 8th December 2010 around 13.00pm Just checking around airlines tickets and DA DA!!!!, there it goes to Seoul-Incheon, for only 2.5 K. I was madly eager to go, ask my bestiest to go but she refuse as it goes like a year ahead. And so i ask my other close friends superNova whether she have the same excitement like me to Seoul. She was mad for it and we asked AiAi to go too and she was like GO AHEAD!. And there it goes, I'm gonna- no- WE-gonna have the time of the lifetime in Seoul next year. For now, here the pictures of Seoul, and what they gonna offer to us, very soon.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bandung Getaway

Bandung.... a nice place to just get rid away weekend.
Fun Fun Fun....me and my dullies have this great getaway,
we eat, drink and talk a lots.
* what can u expect when we keep drinking my bday chivas?*
It was a very nice weekend and a time to remember....

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fun, Romantic & Color Bold at 2011

Gees....its going to be December really soon
where all the x'mas spirit will be alive specially at my house.
X'mas means, New Year too. 2011..........
I never predict what I am gonna wear in the new coming year,
but then I browse some designers collection and here what I
think I might gonna wear next year.
1st of all I have to battle fight with my weight start December.
I'm pretty strict to myself when I'm on diet so perhaps its goin
to work and hopefully in 3 months ahead, I can post the new me.

Victoria Beckham Spring 2011 Collection,
'Surprisingly Gorgeous & color bold'

Etro, Spring Collection 2011,
'Fun but Classy'

Dolce & Gabba Spring Collection 2011,
'Dangerously in love with whites...'

" Only great mind can affords a simple style "

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Glasses

Bought this Harry Potter look alike glasses in
GuangZhou. I wasn't planning to buy it but my friend; Mpiko
said its cute and I kinda think so too, and it looks
nice too. I have to change the glass anyway.
Well...welcoming the movies on November too.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Back To Hongkong and China 2010

Ola peeps.,.,.,.,.,.,

A Quote ' Work Hard Play Hard' seems need improvising in my life..
and it goes like this:
" Play Hard, Work Harder"----
I just had a business trip with my company from the 27th-12th Oct'10,
Yes it's like 15 days trip, I wasn't that excited as its not my 1st time-
I know what it's gonna be- I lost my Phuket tickets and trip as it
on the 6th Oct-And the big boss was also going for the trip.
As what I expected, I work pretty hard this time very tiring-not enough sleep
, and lot of food till where I really sick of eating. And the most common food that
we ate are: Egg Tart-Pork-Duck-Dimsum....so I think enough of them for couple
of months.
As I'm not expected; I quite enjoy the trip as experience and learning about to be
a better person in the future (well, big boss is there so..the 'blablabla' are a lot).
Lot of wine-beer-wine-beer-tea-tea-wine-beer-.......continue all night-everyday.
I didn't shop alot this time, I'm going to let it all out on January later when I have
trip with Ai2. I'm very excited about it. Iphone4-Camera-Clothes-Shoes-
Beats Dr.Dre, just can't wait till January winter.
Surprise surprise....I got new laptop from my boss. MacBook Pro 15". I'm excited,
I'm Happy-Honoured and well.....till the next trip.....

The 4 hours flight with Cathay
exhausted passengers

Arriving at Hongkong

No Hotel crab

The beautiful Lights welcoming us

My master piece picture

Even the chef in there were C.U.T.E

At White Swan Hotel GuangZhou

Saturday Dimsum

Shopping period

Vintage Bar @ GuangZhou with HauLiang Keke

Always have the chance to come back to China

At DongGuan Bestron

Work Hard

The Revenge Night

Dinner at Rooftop

26th Floor

Bottle keep comin'

The team

Glasses always filled as well as our happiness


The Mini room

Graffiti in Hongky

Crossing my Line

Love the Shop

Gold Bike

Its between Nippon in Hongkong

Halloween comin'

believe it or not?

My wish list of shoes

Stitch is so famous in there