Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Its been Great 2010

2010 Goodbye Good time
Welcome even better time 2011
its been really a great time of 2010 (well not so when it comes to birthday), lot of travelling with friends and have been given lot of chance to enjoy moments. Even though i have not been achieved all of my wishes, i just feel Blessed that i have achieve some.
The drama about my life are always be fruitful as years, lot of love and lot of experience had been added in 2010, so hopefully even better in the '11.
Thank's God i have really good friends, best friend and family. I really hope *again, all my wish and dreams will come true in this '11. And some picture of my good time at '10.

My 1st trip in 2010 on February to Singapore
Best Trip 2010- Vietnam on April
Welcomin' Leticia Hapsari Muliawan on 23 April 2010
My 1st niece ever and The joy-est moment
And she's 8 months already by the new year
Alethea 1st trip to Indonesia on May, My very 1st niece from my cousin in Canada
A surprise Trip with my Best Friend to Singapore days before my Birthday
I love them
My Surprise Attack Birthday this year with my Friends in the office
My Birthday party after. Here with my Best Friend
Business Trip with my office on October to Hong Kong and China.
The longest trip; took me 3 weeks in there.
Close my wonderful years in 2010