Thursday, December 9, 2010

S.E.O.U.L 2011 trip

South Korea, 1 of the must-go-list on my travelling map.
So it was on 8th December 2010 around 13.00pm Just checking around airlines tickets and DA DA!!!!, there it goes to Seoul-Incheon, for only 2.5 K. I was madly eager to go, ask my bestiest to go but she refuse as it goes like a year ahead. And so i ask my other close friends superNova whether she have the same excitement like me to Seoul. She was mad for it and we asked AiAi to go too and she was like GO AHEAD!. And there it goes, I'm gonna- no- WE-gonna have the time of the lifetime in Seoul next year. For now, here the pictures of Seoul, and what they gonna offer to us, very soon.