Friday, February 25, 2011


Does everyone have the Best 'Best Friend' ever in their life?, I do have one. Well I cannot say her real name in my blog but usually I call her 'Dullies', coz when we meet each other we feel so dulls and blur.
She give me this ring, water pearl ring, it's very beautiful and unique just like my personality. It started when we were talking about our birth stone. As I was born on June, it says that I have to wear pearl for my lucky charm. And I'm quite wondering to buy one as well as for my styling accessories but i don't have to chance to see one. So thank's to a'Dul, I love the ring and I love u too pal.

Friday, February 18, 2011

No One like to be left alone

Somehow, I feel quite left out nowadays.
Let see, my parents have new toy, new grandchild;
My friends most probably are couples;
In the office it self sometimes I feel quite empty.
Can't force people to except me, but really for them to know....
I don't like and no one actually, like to be left alone.
Well what you did is what you get in the future, and so
Have a wonderful life....................................................
*oh forgot I still have my dulls, peace.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


'Premiering' my holiday in this 2011 to Guang Zhou, Shen Zhen and Hong Kong.
I was really excited for this holiday coz it's winter, it's the coldest month in there and can't wait to just have fun in there and doing just what i supposed to do during holiday.
At the end, it was a really really a great holiday, we are very happy and enjoy the beautiful winter blossom. Till next trip again peeps.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Office Look

Dear Friends,

Its been a great journey till now, for a year *dramatically* we spend 5 days a week together, looking at each other, laugh together, piss off together, yet sometimes i haven't know u guys alot.
Hopefully in this 2011, we still and more fun and still piss off together *huahua*.
Always cheer up and well, let what happen be happen....


Yea i know, my table is like hell. But by this, i can work
*Beats, dunhill, bubble tea, car key, water bottle, wallet, ID and Blackberry*

Each corner of us, we'll be watching you.........