Friday, June 10, 2011

New Age, New Toys...

fujifilm instax 25s with cute disney films,color me up!

new LCD 32" sharp aquos in white,feminine touche in my room

yesh, my bday had just passed 2 days ago. not so great birthday this year as i have a bad day the night before it. anyway it just turn just okay birthday, happy that my dad bought me a new lcd tv; its very feminine tv as its in white. and just bought new polariod from fujifilm, ff instax 25's hello kitty edition. cute-a!!!!.
new resolution: nothing much, i'm happy with what God give me till this years, just hope the best to come in my life. yet the best time is always coming and i hope no matter what condition i'm in, i hope i will keep strong and move forward

Adding my new wardrobe stuff.

new wedges from charles & keith

plaited buffalo bags from Zara;
worn by olivia palermo
my new o.p.i burlesque series: extra-vaganza , sparklelicious
Louis Vuitton sequin shoes from my best friend

i think i'm in the happy mode that change me into a shopaholic. bought wedges for my daily use. i want to be pretty nowadays for my weekdays when i'm out with my friends. Then my best friend 'dullies' give me a great heels from louis vuitton, its full sequin and i really falling in love with it. open a lot of website nowadays and purchase quite some new stuff from the net instead from the shop (nail polish, bags,etc) , i found it so easy and quite happy with the purchase that i bought. (even magazines).