Saturday, June 4, 2011


holiday Inn Lombok
ayam taliwang yums
gili Air
gili Air
gili terawangan

1st birthday of leticia

heading back to lombok & denpasar
gorgonzola italian restaurant

bali safari park
dreamland beach

before our flight

yeaayyy, another holiday had just gone on Easter day and this time is with my family with our little extended family, with my 1 year old niece Leticia (and we celebrate her first birthday at gili). It was a very bright sunshine day from the beginning we landed at Bali. straight to lombok we stay at Holiday Inn resort for a night, it was a very good hotel with good breakfast. next day we go to gili terawangan, small island with a beautiful sightseeing and good for diving and snorkeling. me and my brother went for snorkeling to three island and we saw some sea turtle, cute one and at the end of the day, we got bad sunburnt. so far i think gili is a must destination if u love beaches and i definitely going there again but hopefully with my future partner and my best friend (since i think the night life is quite happening). in Bali, we stay in New Condotel Hotel very near to dreamland beach, really satisfied with the beach and the view. and of course any destination won't complete unless we have shopping time, lot of shopping time i mean. oh yeay my parents bought me a sea pearl ring ( at lastttt!!!!i have one now), it's very beautiful and it shine brightly, hopefully that ring give me a shine too when i wear them. well at the end, whenever i go, the eat, pray and love are always around me in lots of good way no matter with whom, when, where it really doesn't matter. EAT; to fulfill joy with lots of good chats around the table. PRAY; that the happy time will never be end and always to be remembered. LOVE; that the time, moment and bless is always come and there when we spend time with our loved ones and friends.