Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Wish list.....

Of course, more travelling. I had plan well my travelling time this year (well, unless like last year that i have to go for business trip and cancelled my Phuket trip). Going to winter land on this January, China and Hong Kong with Ai. Bali & Lombok next with my family on April, totally opposite weather. Kuala Lumpur on August with my cousin and my Best friend. And I save the best for last, South Korea it is in October, can't wait.
And here other my travelling list, Stuff that I really want this 2011, some of them is in my 2010 list too (well, not get yet). Cheers

Need Dr. Marten's to cure me
Balenciaga in Algae color
Balenciaga Tote in Gray Rush
YSL Pump Shoes
Miu Miu Bag, yums
The Subcrew G-Shock limited edition
Olympus Pen in White
Monster Studio Beats by Dr Dre in white
G Shock Lemon
Converse Sequin in Black