Thursday, March 11, 2010

Korean World

Nowadays, i listen to korean song everyday, every time and every where....
Well...i used to like...nahhh...i don't like those kind of music...and then aiai...introduce me to one of the song...and guess what...i love it...over and over again...
Then again...Korea song is so popular in Mtv or V channel, specially the boy band... coz they have the 'complete' look i may say. Nice skin, Nice body ( some of them are lil' bit too skinny), handsome or cute faces and most of all for me....some killer dance move ( ouuuwww...)
Well at the end, i guess.... I am a big fan of some of the song-boys from Korea hay....with some good drama series ( haha) with some cute guys in there seems just add the series even spicier
oh yea just 1 more thing...maybe disagree about guys wearing pink so much, but since they have the 'white' skin like i don't even have... they look nice with pink...**damn...



Taeyang Big Bang


SUPER JUNIOR-11 member?

Kyuhyun- Super Junior member

LeEteuk - Eunhyuk of Super Junior

The Cute Kang Soo Min with Yoon Sang

The Boys Over Flowers Lee Min Ho & Kim Hyun Joong

Joo Ji Hoon- Goong