Tuesday, December 14, 2010

X'mas tree oh X'mas tree

Pinky Xmas, its the theme of my xmas tree this year,why?
welcoming my 1st Christmas with my niece who only 8 months, so pink its the right theme for her. Me n mom of course are so excited to find the ornaments, as its pink,its kinda difficult to find, or its more expensive. But at the end, here are my xmas tree, look perfect like what I imagine. Have a wonderful Christmas peeps. Ring-a-Ring

Bloddy Sunday with my Lil' Sister

Well....just posting another bloody sunday that i have, this time with my lil sister. Pizza e Birra @ Setiabudi Building, i love it more than theone in EX, particularly i think coz it's bigger space, no queue and just a perfect few to look at too. The food was nice, the chat and of course the decoration also quite hip. A very good evening with my lil sister.