Monday, November 22, 2010

Fun, Romantic & Color Bold at 2011

Gees....its going to be December really soon
where all the x'mas spirit will be alive specially at my house.
X'mas means, New Year too. 2011..........
I never predict what I am gonna wear in the new coming year,
but then I browse some designers collection and here what I
think I might gonna wear next year.
1st of all I have to battle fight with my weight start December.
I'm pretty strict to myself when I'm on diet so perhaps its goin
to work and hopefully in 3 months ahead, I can post the new me.

Victoria Beckham Spring 2011 Collection,
'Surprisingly Gorgeous & color bold'

Etro, Spring Collection 2011,
'Fun but Classy'

Dolce & Gabba Spring Collection 2011,
'Dangerously in love with whites...'

" Only great mind can affords a simple style "