Monday, October 24, 2011

Keep calm and.....

i can't keep my heart at ease nowadays, because lots of things goin' on in my life. when talking about feeling and heart, i can't keep calm (on the inside). in this 'uncertain' things goin' on inside my heart, to keep calm and doing somethin' else is the best way to control my life. i still glad that i can feel love....and heartache, it's just part of life isn't it?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

new toys from asia again

love my stuff day by day :)

g-shock in silver pink
stitch usb port
new le pliage travel in red by Longchamp

my wind blows there...

another trip means another experience, i am very blessed to learnt lots of things during my trip to china, hong kong, straight to pontianak then 3 hours to singkawang. i always feel different when i go for trips, it never be the same things even i go to the same place or country and that's what i feel the bless most. hopefully i always spread my wings and see the world.
ps: i forgot to take picture of the sky......*sad

(twenty fifth september'11- seventh oct'11)
Great dinner in Dong Guan
when there is me, there are alcohol
shopping we never forget
Hong Kong choco
the first time to try kobe beef

buddhist temple at singkawang
the guy i spend two weeks with, mr.dancingboxes
mr. A, who taking care darkness from me thru singkawang