Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Java Jazz 2010

Watch it on Friday the 5th of March'10, with my couple in crime, we plan it well and we were ready.....till we see the traffic and parking lot full like hell...Got stuck for 1.5 hours and I was worried not to see Sandy Sandhoro.....
Well when we were about to enter, as usual lot of 'calo' and they sale it like really cheap...*arse...
maybe next time should buy from those 'calo' instead.....cheaper and un-troublesome....
This is the 1st time Java Jazz played in JIEXPO Kemayoran, and seems they were not preparing good enough, guess must lot of people complained about the venue this year....but after all....I have a great nite with my couple in to see Sandy S, Sheila Majid, Indra L-Gilang R-Dewa B, some new comer...that we don't know the name, and we got some goody bags from LG coz we took picture on the LG stage....**yea whateva...we got the goods....haha

Traffic 1.5 hrs

My 'where's my dog?' preppy moccasin from spore!!*yiha

My couple in crime...Mr&Mrs...Smithyminty

=D abang John Legend

Indra Lesmana, Dewa Budjana, Gilang Ramadhan

LG stage

Jazz it up!!!

Sandy Sandhoro @Dji Sam Soe Stage

The man behind the stage


Sandy Late Show...and its hot and hit live show

1st Song...

In Action

Sweatin' like reign and the show must go on...n on...

Aditya Feat Andi Rianto @outdoor stage 2

Nice song thou...releasing soon...he said it!


Tik' Tok' Tik' Tok'

Never had a role model for things i wear...things i like in fashion...just follow whatever i want.
But nowadays, when i see Mtv or Echannel.... i see Kesha...the singer... seems i like and got lil bit of her style ( well some might say she's quite weird and messy but yet for me it's girly)...and to find her fashion picture is not easy as not that much on the net.....these are some of the fashion sense that i like from her....

Tik Tok Tik Tok

Love Black + Blinky

Torn Jeans, plain tees, jackers and heels....perfect combination

Boots- Dr. Marten's is the key look

Glam look yet classy

Love the Jackers and the skirt

Last but not least... ATTITUDE!!