Friday, May 21, 2010


As it become my new toy, so i bring it everywhere.
When i bought it, for a month i didn't use it due that the supplier
they run out of film everywhere around. The Polaroid factory had been
close but then it re-open again. And when it comes back then they
introduce the 'Impossible Project' or Silver film. Well, my 1st roll of silver film
was a...disaster haha...anyway here some my inspiration from few other
people picture, And myself.

The Impossible Project


Just Born my 1st Niece: Leticia Hapsari Muliawan
weight: 2.36 Kg/48 cm

She's the most amazing things I ever see.....
from the 1st day she was inside her mom wound till she was born, is really a beautiful journey.
The beauty of being a women I can say.