Friday, December 30, 2011

i'm in love

25th december 2011.......

my special moment of this year.
my long waiting road had give me the best price that i ever wanted before the new year,
a soul mate.
i never predict who or when or where i'm gonna meet mine.
he is one of the most, how to say, interesting guy that i ever met this year
and it start from conversation to another.
smart, funny and have a piece of compassion heart is what he had.
i am very glad and grateful i can find someone who is really
into me and accept me the way i am. and bring the best of me.
yet hopefully with him i can be a better person who is wiser, compromise and
more gentle.
i love you beib, i wish and pray all the best and prayer for you and
hope that our love always growing.

25th december 2011,

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