Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wow!!! i forgot about this????

i almost forgot that i have this blog account and I never even look at it for more than a year.
Well my last post was about my 25th December 2011, which at the end i meet my soul  mate.
Its been  more than a year me and Mr. G have this relationship, we have go through a lot of things too.
Whether its happy or sad or difficulties we always try to stick together no matter what.
Shockingly, me, the one that never believe in long distance relationship guess what? that's what i have go through right now with Mr G. A miles distances between Jakarta and Singapore.
Its really really not easy and pain in the a** i tell you, the things that can make me hold tight into this
relationship is our big heart and our love to each other as well as his support to me in this relationship.
Well i am sure and hoping that everything will going well with our relationship. Everything will be beautiful
in God's time.

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